Integrating Wufoo with Team-One

Wufoo to

Wufoo helps anyone create online surveys, order forms, event registration and other custom web forms by providing an easy-to-use form builder, hosted database and the backend services needed to quickly collect and aggregate data from customers and users.

Team-One is the real-time communication, collaboration and task management platform that helps you communicate with colleagues, remote teams and clients from anywhere, anytime and any device, with seamless video conferencing, audio calling, screen sharing and real-time messaging.

You can easily and immediately connect Wufoo to Team-One by adding the following integration or others.

Create task on new Wufoo form entry.

Creates and assigns a Workspace task when your form is completed at Wufoo.
Add a notification to the corresponding form at Wufoo, entering the Webhook URL in the "Your WebHook URL". Customize the value of {TITLE}, {TAGS} and {BODY} as desired.

Step 1

Go to Wufoo ( and log-in.

Step 2

Go to the Wufoo Form Manager and click the "notifications" icon on the form you want to receive notifications from.

Step 3

Select "WebHook" in the menu below "to Another Application" and then click on the "Add Integration" button.

Step 4

Copy the "Web Hook" URL value above and paste it in to the "Your WebHook URL" field on the Wufoo page.

The "Your WebHook Handshake Key" field on the Wufoo page can be left blank. The Web Hook URL already embeds a private "handshake" value.

The "Include Field and Form Structures with Entry Data" option can be left un-checked. The default Wufoo integration does not make use of this data.

Step 5

Customize the "{MESSAGE}" text in the Web Hook URL to contain the message you'd like posted.

For example, you might replace this part of the URL:




in order to create the chat message "New entry posted for the form Personal Data." whenever the form is completed.

(Note that since this text appears with the query string of a URL space characters may not appear directly. Instead, enter a plus sign (+) or the escape sequence %20 wherever you want a space to appear.)

Adding Form Data to the Chat Message


Using Wufoo Notification Templating

You may use Wufoo's "Templating" feature to dynamically replace a shortcut phrase in the MESSAGE contents with data provided by the user in your form. For example, if "Field1" in the Wufoo form contains the user's first name, changing the "{MESSAGE}" text in the Web Hook URL as follows:

...?message={entry:Field1} has completed the form {form:Name}.

will post the chat message such as "Jane has completed the form Personal Data." (assuming the name of the form is "Personal Data" and the user entered "Jane" as the value of Field1 in the form).

Using Webhook Templating

If you are familiar with the structure of Wufoo's "Entry" resource that is included in the body of the HTTP request that Wufoo sends to Web Hook providers, you may use Wufoo to the Web Hook.

Any text of the form {b:attribute_name} found in the "{MESSAGE}" text will be replaced by the value of the attribute named attribute_name found in the request body.

For example, in the {MESSAGE} text:


the {b:Field1} and {b:IP} text will be replaced by the corresponding attributes from the body of the request submitted by Wufoo. (In this specific case the Field1 attribute contains the content of the form field identified by Field1 and the IP attribute contains the Internet "IP Address" of the user that submitted the form, resulting in a chat message such as "New entry posted by Jane from")

To access nested attributes you may use a "dot notation". For example, the phrase {} will be replaced by the value of the attribute named bar found in the object named foo found in the request body.

Step 6

Save your changes to the configuration of the Wufoo Notification.

The integration is complete.

To use the same WebHook with additional forms you may return to form listing and repeat the same steps for the other forms.

For more information

Additional information can be found at the following links provided by Wufoo: