Integrating Jenkins with Team-One

Jenkins to

Jenkins is a highly-extensible, award-winning, self-hosted, distributed-build and continuous-integration service. Every month hundreds of thousands of Jenkins instances automatically build, test, deploy, archive and monitor software artifacts in support of build and release management, deployment automation, and test orchestration for millions of software projects.

Team-One is the real-time communication, collaboration and task management platform that helps you communicate with colleagues, remote teams and clients from anywhere, anytime and any device, with seamless video conferencing, audio calling, screen sharing and real-time messaging.

You can easily and immediately connect Jenkins to Team-One by adding the following integration or others.

Send chat message on Jenkins job build

Post a chat message to a Workspace when a Jenkins job builds.
Make sure "Notification Plugin" is installed on your Jenkins. Under the desired job, click "Add Endpoint", and enter the Webhook URL. Select "JSON" for the format and select the desired event to call the webhook on. Customize the value of {MESSAGE} as desired.

Jenkins Integration

Step 1: Log in to Jenkins

Log-in to your Jenkins account and install the Notification Plugin.

Step 2: Select a Job

Select a Job from your job list and click "Configure".

Step 3: Find Job Notifications

Find "Job Notifications" and click "Add Endpoint".

Step 4: Configure the Webhook

Now paste the webhook URL in the URL box. Leave the format type as JSON, and select the event you would like this webhook to be called on.

Step 5: All done

Now save your job. The next time you build this job, the webhook should be called on the specified event.