Integrating HipChat with Team-One

HipChat to

Send a direct message to a user with a /command

Post a direct message to a Team-One user when a HipChat /command is entered.
Add a custom "slash-command" to HipChat, entering the Team-One webhook URL as the "URL we will POST to" value. Customize the webhook's body-transform setting if desired.

Creating a HipChat /command to post to Team-One

Step 1: Open the HipChat Integrations Dashboard

Within your HipChat room, open the Settings menu menu ("..." icon) in the upper right corner of the page and select "Integrations...".

Step 2: Select "Create" under "Build Your Own"

On the HipChat Integrations listing, locate the "Build Your Own" option and click on "Create" to add a custom integration.

Give your new integration a name and select "Create".

Step 3: Configure Your Webhook

Complete the "Extend HipChat with your Commands" section of the resulting form.

In the "slash command" field, enter the prefix that will create the Team-One message.

In the "We will POST to this URL" field, enter the generated Team-One webhook URL.

For example, if you enter /foo as the slash command, whenever a user enters /foo into your HipChat room, the rest of the message will be posted to the Team-One workspace or personal chat that you've associated with the webhook.

Step 4: Test your Integration

Returning to your HipChat room, you can now test the command. Post a HipChat message using the slash command you just created.

You should now have a new message in the associated Team-One workspace or personal chat.

Optional: Customize the Team-One Chat Message

If you'd like to make changes to the chat or direct message that is posted when the slash command is entered, go to the Team-One "Manage Integrations" tab and find the block corresponding to your integration.

Click on the "Edit" button to open the integration edit screen.

Click on "Show Advanced Settings" to view the full list of options. Make your changes to the "Body Transform" field, and then click "Save Changes".

Your changes will become active immediately.